The ONLY Challenge

“The only challenge you will ever need”
A Thirty-day mind and body transformation challenge.


To take control of your physical and mental health while improving your productivity. Ultimately moving you towards your life goals faster.


By implementing the most undeniably effective daily habits into your life for one month, we believe you will see the benefits to such an extent that you will continue to use some, if not all of these principals to live a better life.


For 30 days participants will be required to complete tasks in 6 different categories DAILY.

These categories consist of:


You will be required to complete dedicated exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.

Diet (we have partnered up with Jenna Selly and Core Nutrition)

Participants will need to follow the guidelines set out in the nutritional talk build up. These talks will take place on Wednesday the 21st of September at Wanderers at 18:00 and the 27th of September at Sandton at 18:30. An eating plan will be designed for you that takes into account where you currently are and what you are looking to achieve. Once you have signed up, we will need you to fill in a screening form to help the Dietitians personalise your plan.


Participants will be required to meditate for 5 minutes every day.


Participants will be required to read 10 pages of a book (no bigger than 300 pages) every day.

Drinking water

Participants will be required to drink 1.5L of water every day.

Be present

Participants will be required to download and use a special app, to block the use of social media until 13:00 every day or for a period of your choosing that you want to be more productive or present.

What will you get:

The Only Nutritional talk

"The secret basics", and Q & A session with the Core Nutrition team.

A daily meal plan

by Jenna Selly and the Core Nutrition Team tailored to your goals.

Two full comprehensive "Inbody" assessments

that will measure your body composition at the beginning and end of the challenge.

Guided 5 min Meditation sessions

that can be followed along with anytime in the day.

Puma Prizes

for the winners to the value of R6000!

A What’s App group

for all participants. Led by your coaches to keep you motivated and accountable.

Book suggestions

to make the most of your productivity for the month.

Exercise suggestions

for when you can’t come to class.

An "Only Challenge" tracking book

to mark your progress daily and make you aware of your progress.

Feedback and guidance

as how best to implement the strategies into your life following the challenge.

Cost: R300.

We believe every one of you will benefit massively from this challenge, that you should all be participating and that the value is incredible.

Ready to take on the ONLY Challenge?